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Gluten-free Veggie Wrap

Posted by Rachel Sebell Graveline

Feb 23, 2011 2:44:16 PM

Gluten-free Veggie Wrap

Sick of sandwiches? Give your boring lunch a makeover with an awesome veggie wrap. This veggie wrap is filled with beautiful vibrant  colors that brighten up your day. For those of you who haven't checked out Sami's Bakery's millet lavash, you are certainly in for a treat. Sami's lavash wraps come in regular and spinach flavor and are a delicious way to transform a boring sandwich into a spa style wrap.

If you are celiac and you haven't tried Sami's, please note that Sami's millet products are not baked in a dedicated gluten-free facility. That said, I have never gotten sick from eating their products in the four plus years that we have been ordering them. A friend recently made the comment that the true gluten-free taste test is if it can be eaten cold. Sami's lavash are delicious warmed in the oven but they can also hold their own fresh out of the bag.  If you are worried about possible contamination, consider using Food For Life Brown Rice Tortillas instead.

Veggie Wrap Ingredients

Shaved carrots
Sliced beets (I use fresh beets baked for 1.5 hours at 425 wrapped in foil)
Sliced pickles
Sliced Cucumber
Swiss or cheddar cheese
Lavash wraps

Spread humus on the lavash, top with cheese and veggies. Roll and hold together with tooth picks. Enjoy!


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